How Do Physiotherapy Treatments Actually Work?

Physiotherapy Treatments

Physiotherapy is quickly becoming a popular form of treatment that helps relieve body aches and pains, heal injuries, and improve the human lifestyle in general. However, people are still confused as to how physiotherapy treatments actually work and they wonder whether these treatments are as effective as people claim them to be.

So as a Burnaby physiotherapy clinic, we thought of informing you about the inner workings of physiotherapy care. Thus, let us take a quick look at what physiotherapy is and how it can help you out.

The Purpose of Physiotherapy Treatments

Physiotherapy is a carefully crafted, pristine form of treatment that is based on physio science, anatomy, and neuroscience. The purpose of these treatments is quite straightforward. They help you bring back your body to its pre-injured condition, restore all its functions back to normal, and draw down the threat of possible future injuries.

But more than that, physiotherapy treatments use an entirely different approach in contrast to how other forms of treatment rely on drugs. Because physiotherapy uses physical movement, body exercise, and massages for its care.

What Can Physiotherapy Treat?

Physiotherapy treatments can either be complementary or standalone. But regardless, what they primarily do is restore any lost body movements and functions.

Popular for a variety of work and sports injuries, physiotherapy usually revolves around musculoskeletal problems of the human body. Therefore, if you are experiencing any aches or pains as a result of your work, or if you were injured out there on the field while playing, physiotherapy treatments might be a part of your upcoming daily schedule.

Furthermore, there are continuous researches carried out to assess the true value of physiotherapy for musculoskeletal issues and the extent to which it can be helpful. Most studies have proven that physiotherapy can make a significantly positive impact on the shoulder, back, ankle, neck, and wrist-related injuries.

Physiotherapy Techniques

Physiotherapy treatments can generally be classified into three main techniques.

1. Manual Therapy

Manual therapy is the technique in which physiotherapists Burnaby use their hands to control your body tissues in order to relieve pain, improve blood circulation, and reduce muscle tension.

2. Education

Physiotherapy treatments are not just for physical therapy. They are also valuable educators that can advise you on your dietary, exercise and postural habits. Following their advice and schedules can make a huge impact on your lifestyle.

3. Movement

Movement is a core component of physiotherapy treatments. Hence, physiotherapists may often prescribe physical activities and exercises targeted to strengthen the injured parts of your body and to restore any lost or hindered body functions.

Do Physiotherapists Need Specialized Training?


Yes. Physiotherapy is an art of treatment that needs to be carried out by qualified and certified professionals. Therefore, physiotherapists need to have a bare minimum of a degree in the field, if they were to practice in the country.

Not to forget, they need to be registered in the appropriate authorities in order to be able to provide treatments at any physiotherapy clinic. We are pleased to say that we have been recognized as one of the ICBC physiotherapy in Burnaby by our clients.

Sticking To Your Rehab Plan Is A Must

A physiotherapist maps out your rehab plan after assessing the nature and extent of your injury. Hence, their schedule is something that is put together in order to ensure that your physio care goes well, and brings back the expected output in restoring body movements, alleviating pain, and preventing any further injuries.

Hence, it is crucial that you follow your physiotherapist’s schedule to the dot. Because even the slightest relapse may affect any progress you have made. So if you truly want to relieve your aches and pains, and get back to your normal routine, do stick to your rehab plan.

Do Not Miss Out On Your Physiotherapy

If you are experiencing any bodily pains and aches, do not miss out on our physiotherapy treatment. Because, as professional Physiotherapists in Burnaby, we have years of experience in providing effective therapy for a large number of customers who have come in with different injuries and issues. Therefore, we are certain that we can help you out with our top-quality physio care plans.

So, all you need to do is reach out to our clinic and book an appointment for yourself, and we will take care of the rest!

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