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Signs that you need to change your running shoes!

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2 things you CANNOT ignore after an aclreconstruction!

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Are you sitting all day ? Then these exercises will help loosen your hips and back!

How you breathe can lead to neck and shoulder tension. Are you a chest breather?

upper backpain from slouching too much??

Rotator cuff tendinopathy?Eccentric exercises restructure tendons to make them stronger!

How does lower body exercises improve low backpain?

Tired working hands and wrists? Give them a little

Front of the knee pain right at the tendon?

Can you do the extra hard challenge at the end??

Feeling stiffness all over?😵‍💫 One move to get the ENTIRE SPINE moving!

Share this with that friend who is constantly looking down at the 📱 or have that chin poke!

MANY of you will have a tight and painful muscle here! Let me know if this is you too!

How big are acupuncture needles and how painful is acupuncture?

How long should you hold a stretch?

Pain at the arches? This will help your plantar fasciitis!!

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The happy baby stretch will feel GREAT if you have low backpain!

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