Burnaby Physiotherapy Clinic Optimal health and recovery. integrating the SCIENCE of Western Medicine with the RICH KNOWLEDGE and WISDOM of Eastern Medicine. At EastWest Physiotherapy Burnaby, we skillfully blend traditional with modern treatment techniques to get you better. about us our services Burnaby Manual Therapy No body is the same We are committed to providing you with the best Physiotherapy services and care.
about us our services
Your Burnaby Physiotherapists will use EastWest philosophies to assess and craft an individualized treatment plan for you
Burnaby Physio Clinic Let our Burnaby Physiotherapy Team help get you back to living your life Whether it is a back injury from work, an ankle sprain from sport or just waking up stiff and sore, we can help. about us our services

EastWest Physiotherapy in Burnaby offers convenient online booking to our Physiotherapists. Schedule your Appointment Here.

Our treatments are always one-to-one, with no multiple patients at the same time. 

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If you have a question, please consult one of our Physiotherapists at EastWest Physiotherapy in Burnaby.

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Our Burnaby Physiotherapy practice is located in Willingdon Park (Same Building as McDonald’s Restaruant and Head Office),

We are easily accessible, just a 5-minute drive from North Burnaby/Brentwood Mall and 10 minutes from Metrotown.

Burnaby Physiotherapy Services

Our Burnaby Physiotherapy practice offers HOLISTIC treatment techniques aimed at optimizing recovery and injury prevention

1 to 1 personalized care. No multiple patients at once. Our Burnaby Physiotherapists blends effective Eastern and Western therapy techniques for optimal results.

At our Burnaby Physiotherapy clinic, we take a unique approach to providing high-quality care that combines both Eastern and Western techniques to optimize your recovery.

Our experienced Physiotherapists utilize a range of therapies, from Eastern techniques such as Cupping Therapy, Acupuncture, and Lifestyle advice to Western techniques including Manual Therapy, Dry Needling/IMS, Exercise Therapy, Therapeutic Taping, and modern Electrical Therapy technologies.

We tailor your treatment plan to address your individual needs and goals, ensuring that you receive customized care that’s right for you. If you’re looking for effective holistic physiotherapy that combines the best of Eastern and Western techniques, our team is here to help.

Our Physiotherapists are fluent in both English and Chinese, including Mandarin (Elizabeth Ng) and Cantonese (Mike Wong)

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Experienced Physiotherapy service

Expert Physio Care Burnaby

Trust our experienced Burnaby Physiotherapists to treat your musculoskeletal injuries. See the conditions we’ve successfully treated:

The EastWest Difference

Holistic Physiotherapy Services

Your body has a great capacity to heal itself when it is as close to homeostasis (in balance) as possible. When the body is stressed (mentally, physically, emotionally), healing will be suboptimal.

Our Physiotherapists in Burnaby can use EASTERN MEDICINE techniques. These can include Acupuncture, Cupping therapy, and lifestyle advice.

These techniques help to:

Our Burnaby Physiotherapists will then blend in appropriate WESTERN MEDICINE techniques. These techniques include Manual Therapy, Exercise Therapy, and Electrical therapy. They are supported by SCIENCE to ensure you return to your best physical self.

These techniques help to:

Expert Physiotherapy in Burnaby

EastWest Physiotherapy Burnaby Services - Committed to providing you with the best physio care and rehab

To learn more about some of our treatment techniques used in our Burnaby Physiotherapy practice, click on the section below.

Physiotherpy Service Burnaby

“ To speak to a Physical Therapist, call us at 604-398-2936 or schedule an appointment below.”

EastWest Physiotherapy Burnaby

Meet Our Physiotherapists

Our Burnaby Physios are fully registered with the College of Physical Therapists of BC. We are passionate about Physical Rehabilitation and helping you get back to your life.

We continue to pursue education locally and internationally from experts in their field. We learn from the best so you can receive the best physio care.

Mike Wong Registered Physiotherapist
Registered Physiotherapist


MScPT, BHK(Exercise Science)
Elizabeth NG Registered Physiotherapist
Registered Physiotherapist


MPT, BHK(Exercise Science)
EastWest Physiotherapy Burnaby

In our practice, we believe

No BODY is the same:

Our Burnaby Physiotherapists recognize that all our clients are different and require an approach that is tailored to them.

For example, the treatment of headaches is complex and a cookie-cutter treatment approach is often sub-optimal.

We are expertly trained in various treatment and assessment techniques to find the right blend for you.

Providing ONE to ONE treatment:

We focus on YOU during your Physiotherapy session. Unrushed, and no multiple clients at the same time.

We treat physical conditions by using both proven Western and Eastern medicine techniques.

We employ industry-leading electrotherapeutic modalities and are always exploring new techniques and treatments in the area of chronic pain and discomfort.

To learn more about the EastWest Difference, send us an email!



Our Burnaby Physiotherapists look forward to receiving your feedback on what we are doing right and how we can improve. Feel free to let us know!

Holistic, safe and effective pain management, recovery, and rehabilitation services

Let our Burnaby Physiotherapists help with your recovery



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