What Is A Holistic Approach In Physiotherapy

Holistic Physiotherapy

What Is A Holistic Approach In Physiotherapy

All the ingredients in the cake, on their own, have a particular flavour and purpose. When the ingredients are brought together in perfect harmony, a delicious result awaits.

Holistic physiotherapy is the belief that optimal healing from an injury, addresses not only the physical factors but keeping in mind the emotional, mental, and psychological factors.

Each ingredient in the Holistic Physiotherapy approach can make a strong impact on the recovery of the client.

When you come into our physiotherapy clinic with an injury, we would assess the injured area and the rest of the body. There may be other issues that could have led to the injury or other issues that may arise due to the injury. The holistic physiotherapy approach believes that the body does not function in isolation. 

Our registered physiotherapists see that each body part has its own unique function. Each part plays a specific role in the movement and function of the whole body. This idea is much like cogs and wheels; the gears can only move when all parts work together.

For example, if you have neck pain on one side, we would assess your neck and the alignment of the rest of your body. An imbalance in the pelvis can lead to a misalignment in the spine. This can lead to a misalignment in the neck and shoulders causing pain on one side of the neck.

On the other hand, if you injured your neck from trauma or fall, we would assess the neck. We will assess any compensation in movement that can affect your shoulders, arms, wrists, trunk, and core.

Other Important Factors In Holistic Physiotherapy


Factors In Physiotherapy

We have all been there, late nights, functioning on a few hours of sleep. Doing this on a regular basis is a recipe to burn the candles on both ends. Sleep is crucial for the body to rejuvenate and heal itself. 

If you have trouble sleeping due to pain, stress, anxiety, and/ or poor sleeping habits, you may not recover as well. Our Registered Physiotherapists in Burnaby specialize in providing homeostatic acupuncture treatment to decrease pain and normalize body functions. We can also provide strategies to help you get better rest.


Poor diet, junk food, energy drinks, and dehydration can dampen our body’s ability to recover. What you put into your body is the fuel used to help with tissue recovery. You have probably noticed that eating a full meal of fats and sugars makes your body tired, heavy, and inefficient. Similarly, a sub-optimal diet can slow down the recovery process and lower the self-healing capacity of the body.

Environmental Factors

Physical Stress

Suppose you have a sprained ankle. And you are a postal worker. You need to walk all day, carrying items over hard and uneven terrain. In our Physiotherapy clinic, we will address and manage the physical stress that allows you to work safely. At the same time, optimizing your recovery. This may encompass specific exercises to do, taking regular rest breaks, and using supportive braces to wear while at work.

Mental/Emotional Stress

As practitioners of Holistic Physiotherapy, we often dig a little deeper to gain an understanding of our client’s life, concerns and worries. Oftentimes, the anxiety and stress of their physical injury, as well as life in general, can make a huge impact on their prognosis and recovery.

Our Registered Physiotherapists can help our clients manage stress and anxiety through acupuncture. In addition, we can instruct self-treatment techniques using acupressure points. We may refer to other medical practitioners to further enhance the effects of our Physiotherapy treatments.

We strive to be the best holistic providers of Physiotherapy in Burnaby, BC. We provide physiotherapy near Metro town (5 minutes drive away from Brentwood ).

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