Workplace Injuries may be as a result of spraining an ankle at a construction site, a back strain from lifting a heavy box, or typing on a keyboard at work.

When you have sustained a physical injury at work, you may need to seek physiotherapy treatment to help with your recovery.

Our Burnaby Physiotherapists at EastWest Physiotherapy are contracted to provide care for WorkSafeBC Physiotherapy claims

How Do I Receive Physiotherapy care from a WorkSafeBC injury claim?

When you have suffered workplace injuries, you want to seek help as soon as possible. You will need to do these 3 things:

1. Report your injury to your employer to receive
2. See your doctor

Your doctor will prescribe the necessary medications to manage your pain and discomfort. They may also recommend  Physiotherapy treatments to help with your recovery and support your return to work

3. Report your workplace injuries/injury to WorkSafeBC

They will need information regarding

It is essential that you report your injury as soon as possible to minimize delays in the claims process. Your case manager can gather all the information to make a prompt decision in your claim.

When the claim is approved, treatment can also be provided sooner to help you recover. Early intervention can also help prevent the development of chronic pain.

What happens to my WorkSafeBC Physiotherapy claim?

After reporting your injury to WorksafeBC, you will receive a claim number.  The claim number will identify your case and it will be necessary to provide it to all your care providers.

You can schedule an appointment with our Physiotherapists and provide this number to us.

We will conduct an initial assessment which consists of

Based on the findings, we will submit a Physiotherapy report to WorksafeBC. The information provided will help start the treatment process (when claim is approved). Communication between all parties (WorksafeBC, your employer, your medical providers) can help guide your return to work plan.

Standard Treatment Block (WorkSafeBC Physiotherapy Claim approved)

Once your claim is approved, you will be entitled to 6 weeks of Physiotherapy treatment. Your Physiotherapists may recommend that you receive treatment 2-3 times per week.

Depending on your injury status, you may be participating in a gradual return to work program. If available, modified hours and duties may be recommended. A gradual return to work program can ensure that you build tolerance and return safely to work.

Research has shown that an early return to work (when indicated and safe) can shorten recovery times and reduce overall disability.

Like an athlete returning to their sport after an injury, a proper rehabilitation program should involve a safe and gradual increase in stress to the injured area.

Of course, some work injuries can be serious and may take more time to recover. Certain jobs may have heavier demands and may require more treatment time. If an extension to WorkSafeBC Physiotherapy services is required after 6 weeks, our Physiotherapists will request this. If other supports are needed, we will also recommend those.

Goals of Work Injuries and Physiotherapy

The main goal is to help and support your safe return to work. We want you to be confident, comfortable, and capable in your ability to get back to work. Our registered Physiotherapists have a solid track record and combined 30+ years of experience providing care for work-related injuries.

Our unique approach using Eastern and Western techniques, one-to-one treatments in a relaxed atmosphere allows our clients to focus on their recovery and timely return to work.

Do not hesitate to EastWest Physiotherapy Burnaby today to help you recover and return to work safely

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