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Patients often come to see us seeking neck pain treatment at our Burnaby Physiotherapy and Massage Therapy practice. Some may have suffered an acute injury from a motor vehicle accident. Others may have long-standing, chronic neck pain due to stress and poor posture.

Studies have shown that neck pain accounts for 15% of all soft tissue problems that people seek help from their medical provider.

The neck is a vital passageway for life-sustaining structures that travel to and from the brain. 

In addition, the neck is very mobile and allows the head to move freely in space.

Neck pain can often result from the neck as well as different parts of the head, shoulder, and mid-back. 

Many of our patients can recover well with early intervention, accurate diagnosis, and a holistic neck pain treatment plan.

Anatomy Of The Neck

Anatomy Of The NeckTo appreciate the complexity of neck pain, it is important to understand the anatomy of the neck.

The skull sits on 7 cervical vertebrae that form the neck. Each vertebra joins to one another via the facet joints. These joints and muscles move the neck to look up, down, side to side, perform shoulder checks (turning the neck), and poke and retract the chin.

More than 20 muscles attach to various parts of the neck, skull, and shoulders. These muscles provide movement for the neck and help provide stability and support. Other muscles in the neck can also contribute to swallowing, chewing, and talking.

So as you can imagine, there are lots of moving parts that can contribute to your neck pain. Assessment and history taking are crucial to determine the cause and provide effective physio for neck pain.


Bad posture For Neck Pain

One of the main causes of neck pain is poor posture, where the head is poked forward, with rounded shoulders and a slouched back. This is common for those who work in front of computers, studying or use cell phones and tablets. 

Sustained and repetitive poor posture puts more stress on the spine and muscles, leading to neck pain.

Trauma For Back Pain

Whiplash from motor vehicle accidents, traumatic injuries from sports, or falls can injure structures of the neck and cause neck pain. In the case of trauma, soft tissues become strained, and inflammation results. 

Sleeping support

Not using the proper pillows can put stress on the neck.  Neck pain may be caused by pillows that are too high (which causes the neck to be flexed) or not supportive enough for the natural curve of the neck. Those who tend to sleep in a certain position (i.e. side sleeper, on the back, face up) may need certain pillows to help support the neck



Various neck pain treatments can be utilized to treat and prevent injuries to the neck region . This will depend on your Physiotherapists’ recommendation and your preference. For best results, you and your Physiotherapist will work as a team to help support your recovery. While certain passive neck pain treatment techniques may be used by your Physiotherapist, active participation in your recovery is crucial.

We will use specialized hands-on techniques to help stretch and release tight muscles and joints. This will help decrease pain and improve movement in the structures involved.

Depending on the injury, we may use a variety of electrical currents. They can help support your recovery by improving local blood circulation, releasing tight muscles, decreasing pain and breaking down scar tissue

Acupuncture For Neck Pain

Can be helpful to create relaxation in tense muscles, improve blood circulation and healing. Certain acupuncture points can help release endorphins and decrease pain.

Taping can help support the injured structures of the neck, keep good postural alignment and decrease pain.

Physio for neck pain must be complemented with an exercise program. Exercise has been shown to improve strength, endurance, function, and decrease pain. Following a prescribed exercise program at home is a powerful way to help yourself in your recovery

If you are looking for effective neck pain treatments, come see us at EastWest Physiotherapy in Burnaby.

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