You have always been told that physical exercise is good for you. But what if you have pain when you exercise?

You may have been told to stop running because your knee hurts and you are afraid to start again.

Or, you are getting the advice not to lift anything. You worry about suffering excruciating back pain and damaging the discs in your back.

Don’t fret. You need a targeted exercise program to get you back to those activities.


Our Burnaby Physiotherapists at EastWest provide physical exercise therapy to help you recover. This is done after a comprehensive assessment to uncover your needs.

Many types of physical exercises can help improve your range of motion, strength, endurance, and balance.

Knowing where to start, how to progress, and using proper techniques in your exercise program is critical. You can avoid aggravating any existing injuries as well as preventing new ones from occurring.


Exercise Therapy is an exercise program designed to help decrease pain and improve physical function. It is a set of prescribed exercises that focus on improving range of motion (ROM), muscular strength and endurance, balance and stability, and training proper movement patterns. These exercises are evidence-based and studied through research.

Physical Exercise Therapy Help Address:

Range of motion (ROM)

Is the normal movement range of a joint and muscle. Specific stretches in the exercise program will be given to restore your ROM.

Muscular strength and endurance

The body can be weak and deconditioned from injury and disuse. An exercise program can safely train the body to regain proper strength and endurance. This will allow the client to return to their normal daily activities.

Functional Movement patterns

Training safe and proper ways to move helps to decrease unnecessary stress on the body. It also allows for the efficient transfer of force through the body.

From lifting a box off the ground to throwing a baseball, appropriate movement patterns prevent injuries and optimize performance. Our Burnaby Physiotherapist will advise on strategies and techniques to help you move properly.

Balance and Stability

Having a good stable base of support is important to prevent falls. When your body is stable and strong, you can also transfer force effectively. Core strengthening, joint and muscle proprioceptive training is a key part of any physical exercise therapy program.


Work Injury rehabilitation

In our Burnaby Physiotherapy practice, we see clients sustain injuries at work in various ways. Injuries can come from a traumatic ankle sprain due to a fall to hurting the back from an awkward lift.

The goal is to help our clients recover fully so that they can safely return to work.

Specific physical exercises are prescribed to improve conditioning in their work environment. This will allow them to mimic the demands of the work, preparing and

Motor Vehicle Accidents

Injuries sustained from a car accident are unfortunately common. They can be complex and dependent on many different factors (e. Where and how fast you were hit, where you are sitting, etc.). Those who have experienced motor vehicle accidents report an array of soft tissue problems.

Common complaints:

Proper physical exercise therapy will safely promote the use of injured areas gradually. Progressions of exercise intensity and frequency will allow the body to heal optimally.

Sports Injuries

Whether you are an elite athlete or a weekend warrior, at some point you will get injured.

Sports injuries are often traumatic involving specific structures in the body. Injuries may occur due to the high impact and forces generated in an athletic movement. Injuries may also happen during physical contact in a sport.

The goal in sports rehabilitation is a prompt and safe return to sports. Physical exercise will focus on rehabilitating the injured structures, optimizing their function, and preparing the body to return to sport.

Posture Improvement

With an increase in working from home and technology use, postural stresses can occur. Certain muscle groups become weak and tight, while others become overstretched and deconditioned. Your Physiotherapist in our Burnaby practice can provide a program to follow to address these issues.

Pre and Post Operative care

Our clients come to us before and after surgery. Exercising pre-operatively helps condition and prepare the body for surgery. A better physical condition before surgery has been proved to help with recovery.

Prompt movement and exercise after the operation are critical for optimal recovery. In most cases, your surgeon will provide a protocol for medical exercise therapy to help you recover.

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