Are you suffering from back pain? You are not alone. It is one of the most common conditions where people seek medical care every year.

People often seek physio for back pain at our Burnaby Physiotherapy clinic.

Many patients have self-limiting episodes of acute back pain and do not seek medical care. Those who seek back pain treatment often report an improvement in symptoms in the first month (1). But, some may experience ongoing pain and disability. These patients will need more frequent treatments and attentive management. Addressing acute pain and dysfunction early prevents the development of chronic pain.

Using Eastern and Western techniques, our registered Physiotherapists in Burnaby can provide an effective back pain treatment strategy to speed up your recovery.

Causes For Back Pain

Upper Back Pain

Upper Back Pain

Poor Posture

Your doctor will prescribe the necessary medications to manage your pain and discomfort. They may also recommend  Physiotherapy treatments to help with your recovery and support your return to work


Another cause for upper back pain is poor conditioning of the postural muscles. When the muscles that keep your posture are weak and have poor endurance, it may fail. The stresses placed on the muscles and joints will be too much and pain will result.

Lower Back Pain

There are many different causes for lower back pain. Here are some of the common ones we see in our practice; they may occur on its own or in combination with the others:

Poor Posture
Lifting Injuries
Lack of Flexibility

Symptoms Of Back Pain

Back Pain Treatment At EastWest Physiotherapy

Physio for back pain addresses the causes and alleviates the symptoms. Every patient is different and needs specific back pain treatment strategies for them. A complete picture involves providing a physical assessment and analyzing the social, mental and environmental factors of the patient.

The best back pain treatment outcome occurs when there is a collaborative approach between the Physio and the patient. Whether you have upper back pain or lower back pain, we may use these treatment techniques to help speed up your recovery

To enhance the effects of physio for back pain and optimize your back pain treatment plan, other support systems need to be in place. These include:

Other Types Of Back Pain Treatments

You may have had imaging (CT Scans, Xrays, MRI) to determine if there may be structural issues that affect your back pain. Please bring in these results to our Physiotherapists as this information can be beneficial to help with your back pain treatment.

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