Is Stretching Too Hard For You? Make It Easier With A Massage Gun!

Massage Gun

You won’t know how effective a massage gun can be until you try this method!

Using a massage gun in the usual way is good. You move the gun over a tight muscle, and the vibrations help increase blood flow, which relaxes the muscle in just a few minutes. But for longer-lasting relaxation, you need to stretch and lengthen the muscle that’s been tight for a while.

Let’s talk about a common tight muscle, like the hamstrings. Sit down with one leg stretched out in front of you, keeping your heel up. You’ll feel a stretch in your hamstring. Now, use the massage gun along the stretched area. Move it up and down the muscle for a few minutes. As the stretch starts to ease, lower your body to increase the stretch. You’ll notice you can stretch deeper more quickly.

Use The Massage Gun

You can do this for any muscle in your body. The idea is to stretch the muscle first, then gently use the massage gun along the stretched area.

Slowly increase the stretch as you feel the muscle loosen. You can try this on your shoulders, thighs, hip muscles, and buttocks, as long as you can stretch the muscle and reach it with the massage gun.



Hip Flexors

Hip Flexors


Give this a try and see how it works for you!
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