7 Effective Self Treatment Strategies To Ease Stiff Hands, Stiff Fingers

Self Treatment Strategies

Being a physiotherapist means that we use our hands to help clients recover from their injuries. If we are not careful, we can develop stiff hands and stiff fingers over time.

In our Burnaby physiotherapy practice, we often share some of our favorite self treatment strategies to help relieve stiff hands and stiff fingers.

Stiff hands and stiff fingers are quite common in people that use their hands for work and in their daily life, like your registered physiotherapists in Burnaby near metrotown. You may experience this while working in the kitchen chopping up vegetables and preparing meals. Or you may be a desk jockey typing and clicking on the mouse all day. 

Our hands can get overused and fatigued, resulting in hand and finger stiffness, and sometimes, even pain. The neglect of our hands adds up over time. Symptoms such as stiffness and fatigue can be warning signs. Remember, we only get a pair of hands in this lifetime, so let’s never take it for granted and make sure you take good care of it.

Self Treatment Strategies - Stiff Hands And Stiff Fingers


Warm Water

Warm Water

One of the simple ways to decrease stiffness and improve mobility is to use warm water. Warm water increases blood circulation to the muscles, tendons, nerves, and joints. 

If you wake up with stiff hands and fingers, either soak your hands in warm water for about 5 minutes. Move your hands and fingers by opening and closing your hands, and spreading and closing your fingers together.

Contrast Bath

Contrast Bath

If your daily activities need repetitive use of your hands and fingers, you may want to consider a contrast bath for your hands.

Contrast baths have been used for many years and have been shown to reduce stiffness and pain in the extremities. It can also speed up the recovery process from an injury.

Exercise Therapy For Stiff Hand And Stiff Fingers

Stretching Wrist And Finger Flexors And Extensors

The flexors of the hands and wrist originate from the inside of your elbows.  The muscles that extend your hands and fingers originate from the outside of the elbow.

To Stretch The Wrist And Finger Flexors
Wrist And Finger Flexors
To Stretch The Wrist And Finger Extensors
Wrist And Finger Extensors

Gentle Fist And Rapid Opening Of The Hands

Gentle Fist

Finger Traction

You can provide self treatment strategies by tractioning your fingers by using the thumb and index fingers on one hand to pull each finger on the other hand.

You can also provide self treatment with generalized traction by flinging your hands down by your side keeping your shoulders, elbow, and wrist relaxed. Let gravity do the work for you. None of this should be painful and repeat throughout the day as needed.

Acupressure Points For Stiff Hands And Fingers

You can also use acupressure points called Baxie Points located on each hand to help relieve tension in your hands. These are nerve points that help stimulate the fingers and hands.

How to find this acupressure point

The points are between the thumb and the index finger, index and middle finger, middle and ring finger, and between the ring and pinky finger.

They should be tender when pressure is applied and you can massage each point with your fingertips.

These are some quick strategies to help manage hand and finger stiffness. Should these symptoms persist, contact our physiotherapy Burnaby, BC for a consultation.

Acupressure Points

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