Natural Acupressure Remedies for Soothing Eye Strain

Acupressure For Eye Strain

Eye Strain And Acupressure

Are your eyes feeling tired, strained, or burnt out from all the screen time? You’re not alone. In today’s article, we’re diving into some simple yet effective self-acupressure techniques that can help ease that nagging eye strain. Let’s explore these natural remedies and learn how to give your eyes the relief they deserve!

Understanding the Modern Struggle

In this digital era, our lives are closely intertwined with screens – be it smartphones, TVs, tablets, or computers. Unfortunately, this excessive screen time often leads to a common woe – eye strain. Bright lights, constant screen exposure, reading, air pollution, and fatigue converge to create that uncomfortable sensation in our eyes. Worse still, eye strain can escalate to neck and shoulder tension and even those dreaded headaches.

But here’s the good news – besides these self-acupressure points, there’s a simple tweak you can make to your routine to help alleviate the strain. Remember to give your eyes a well-deserved break from these everyday stressors.

Getting Started with Self-Acupressure

Started with Self-Acupressure

Before we jump into the techniques, set the stage for your acupressure session. Find a comfortable spot – you can either sit or lie down. Ensure your hands are clean, and your nails are trimmed to prevent any discomfort. As you close your eyes, pair the acupressure with deep breathing exercises for enhanced relaxation. Each point should be held for a gentle minute to allow the magic to unfold.

Bladder 2: The Eye Strain Buster

Eye Strain Buster
Our journey begins with the Bladder 2 point. Gently place your thumbs on the upper ridge of your eye sockets, right around the bridge of your nose and where your eyebrows start. As you press your thumbs gently upwards, notice the subtle hollows under them. Keep this pressure steady for a full minute. Not only does this point ease eye strain, but it can also boost blood circulation, melting away stress, tension, and even headaches.

Stomach 2 and 3: Refresh and Revive

Stomach 2 and 3

To discover the stomach 2 and 3 acupressure points, use your index and middle fingers. Position your index fingers below the lower ridge of your eyes, in line with the center of your pupils. Your middle fingers will nestle beneath your index fingers, right under the cheekbone. Hold these points for a minute, as they not only aid in alleviating eye strain but also contribute to improved facial complexion, relaxation, and digestion support.

Governing Vessel 16 and 24.5: Unwind and Unburden

The Governing Vessel 16, is located at the base of your skull’s midline. Gentle pressure here can help release neck tension and promote relaxation. As for Governing Vessel 24.5, it is located between your eyebrows in the midline of your face. Gently applying pressure to this spot contributes to tranquility and mental clarity. Don’t hesitate to press on both these points simultaneously for a minute to enjoy the combined benefits.

Liver 3: The Grand Finale

Liver 3

The Liver 3 acupressure point is found between your big toe and second toe. Slide your finger up from the space between those toes towards your ankle, and you’ll discover a small depression where the bones meet. Apply gentle pressure here, holding for a minute. Liver 3 doesn’t only address eye strain but can also tackle behind-the-eye headaches, reduce overall body pain, and enhance digestion.

And there you have it – a comprehensive guide to alleviating eye strain through natural acupressure techniques!

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