6 Acupressure Points You Can Use – Headache Treatment

Acupressure Points

Headaches are a common condition that we see in our Burnaby Physiotherapy practice. Many factors can cause headaches, and headache treatment varies depending on the individual.

Headache Location Not All The Same

Headaches can be

In our Physiotherapy sessions, we often provide acupuncture treatment for headaches. Afraid of acupuncture needles or want to do self headache treatment at home? Don’t worry, we can teach you how to perform acupressure treatment on your own.

No Needles! Acupressure Treatment For Your Headache

There are some common acupressure points that are specific to your type of headache. Other acupressure points are good for general treatment for headaches. These points can be tender when applying pressure to them. It is normal to feel a bit of discomfort when treating yourself. But, you should feel better when you are done with it.

Acupuncture And Acupressure Treatment Can Work By

There is plenty of research evidence for using acupuncture/acupressure in headache treatment. Try these out when you have a headache, or do it preventatively, if you are prone to them.

Common Causes For Headaches

Headaches can be caused by

Manage these triggers will allow these self-acupressure treatment techniques to work even better.  You may also notice a much quicker improvement.

Stop if your headaches persist. Our Physiotherapists in Burnaby near Metrotown may recommend that you check in with a medical professional to see if it needs to be investigated further.

Acupressure treatment to these points should be firmly applied for at least 30 seconds, repeating at least 3 times. Re-assess your headache and repeat as needed.

Acupressure Points For Headache Treatment

Frontal Headache Treatment - Gall Bladder 14 -GB14

Frontal Headache Treatment

This point can be found 1 thumb width above the eyebrow in line with your pupil when you are looking straight ahead. There’s one point on each side and you can use your fingers and apply pressure and massage them firmly

Temporal Headache Treatment (Side Of Your Head) - Taiyang

Temporal Headache Treatment

This point is located on the outer part of the eyebrows. As you move slightly further away, you may feel a divot or a slight depression. That’s the spot. Find them on both sides of your head.

Vertex Headache Treatment - Governing Vessel 20 - GV20 (Bai Hui)

This point is an excellent point to help clear your head, relax your body and also help with headaches. To find this point on the skull, this point is found on the top and the midline of the head, in line with the tips of the ear.

Occipital Headache Treatment (Back Of The Head) - Gall Bladder 20 - Gb20

To find this point, find the bony part called the mastoid process behind the ear. Now move your fingers back towards the back of the head and when you feel a slight depression, apply firm pressure on it and it should be a bit tender.

General Acupressure Points For Headache Treatment -li4, Si3

Large Intestine 4 - LI4

Large Intestine

This acupressure point is found when you bring your thumb and index finger together, the highest spot of the muscle. Once you find it, you can apply pressure on it using your opposite thumb and index finger. This one can feel quite sore.

SI3 - Small Intestine 3

Small Intestine

You can find this point when the fist is half-closed. It will be in a depression just off the prominent part of the bone on the inside part of your hand, at the junction of the light and dark skin.

So there you have it, some quick ways to help relieve your headaches, wherever they may be. They are of course not the only points, but some of the main ones that we recommend among our Physiotherapy services.

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