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Registered Physiotherapists in Burnaby

Our Burnaby Physiotherapy Rates

Our Burnaby Physiotherapy rates for each session are 40 minutes in duration. All treatment sessions are provided by our Registered Physiotherapists and are always one-to-one. A combination of Eastern and Western treatment modalities may be used depending on your preference, your condition, and our Physiotherapist’s recommendations.

We can provide direct billing to listed insurance providers listed below. 


We design our sessions with our clients’ best interests in mind. Our appointments are 1-to-1 and we do not see multiple clients at the same time.

40 Minute Private Physiotherapy Session (Initial and Subsequent)

$ 95 / Session
Our Physiotherapy services are covered by most Extended Health insurance plans. Plan coverages and limits may vary so please check with your provider for details. We can provide direct billing services with most insurance providers. Please see the list below to see if your insurance provider is one of them. You can provide your plan information for us to check when you schedule an appointment on our booking platform (Janeapp)

Medical Services Plan (MSP) Premium Assistance

$ 72 / Session
Please provide us with your Legal Name, Personal Health Number (PHN), and date of birth and we can check if you qualify for the MSP rate. If you qualify, you are eligible for 10 sessions per year (inclusive of Massage Therapy, Acupuncture and Chiropractor)

ICBC Claims

$ 0 / Session
If you have suffered injuries as a result of a motor vehicle accident, you are eligible to receive Physiotherapy treatments under Enhanced Care from ICBC. You will need a valid claim number and approval from ICBC to use this service. Please visit ICBC Physiotherapy Burnaby Page for more details.

WorkSafeBC Claims

$ 0 / Session
For those who have sustained a work-related injury and have an accepted WorkSafeBC claim, please choose this service.

Our Burnaby Registered Massage Therapy Rates

Massage Therapy rates are dependent of the amount of time and work needed to be done in your treatment session. You may discuss this with your Registered Massage Therapist to see what is best suited for you.

We can provide direct billing to the insurers listed below.

30 mins

$ 85 / Session
With this treatment session, there will be enough time to work on a specific area of the body like the neck or the arms. It's all about efficiency here, we focus on your primary concern and get you back to living life as soon as possible.

45 mins

$ 110 / Session
With this treatment session, there will be enough time to focus on a more general region of the body like the entirety of the back or legs. We are still being efficient with your time but we can get more done.

60 mins

$ 130 / Session
With this treatment session, there will be enough time to provide a general full body treatment or really focus on multiple areas of concern such as the shoulders, legs and arms.

90 mins

$ 195 / Session
With this treatment session, we can focus on a thorough full body treatment with multiple large body areas of focus and some general assisted stretching.

120 mins

$ 260 / Session
With this treatment session, we can focus on a thorough full body treatment, as well as a comprehensive assisted stretching session.
Registered Physiotherapist in Burnaby

We Can Provide Direct Billing to

Pacific Blue Cross

BPA Benefit Plan Administrators

Canadian Construction Workers Union

Chambers of Commerce Group Insurance



D.A Townley

First Canadian

GMS Carrier 49 and 50


Industrial Alliance


LiUNA local 183 and 506


People Corporation

RWAM Insurance Administrators

Greenshield Canada

Manulife Financial

Sun Life Financial



Johnson Inc

TELUS Adjudicare

La Capitale Insurance and Financial Services

Union Benefits

SSQ Insurance

Empire LIfe

Medic Construction

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