Shoulder Dislocation Rehab Level 2

Shoulder Dislocation Rehab Level 2

Healing Your Shoulder: Gentle Exercises After Dislocation (Level 2) If you’ve recently had a shoulder dislocation and are out of your sling, it’s time to start some exercises to strengthen and stabilize your shoulder. This set of exercises is perfect for the phase when your shoulder is feeling stable, but…
Shoulder Dislocation Recovery

Accelerate Shoulder Dislocation Recovery: Immediate Post-Injury Exercises for Fast Healing! (Level 1)

Bouncing Back from a Shoulder Dislocation: Your Ultimate Guide to Rehab Exercises! (Level 1) The shoulder, being the body’s most mobile joint, boasts great flexibility but also carries the risk of Shoulder dislocation. When a dislocation occurs, the joint shifts out of its socket, causing the surrounding ligaments, muscles, tendons, and nerves…
Hip pain and flat feet

Hip Pain And Flat Feet

Flat Feet: The Hidden Connection to Hip Pain and Effective Strategies for Relief Did you know that the way your feet are positioned can affect your hip and knee alignment, leading to discomfort and pain? If you have flat feet, you might be experiencing hip pain as a result. In…
Acupressure for Better Sleep

Acupressure for Better Sleep

Acupressure for Better Sleep: Conquer Insomnia Naturally Are you tired of struggling with sleepless nights? If you’re looking for a natural way to improve your sleep quality and conquer insomnia, you’re in the right place. As Physiotherapists, we recognize the importance of sleep not only in healing but also in…
Acupressure For Eye Strain

Natural Acupressure Remedies for Soothing Eye Strain

Eye Strain And Acupressure Are your eyes feeling tired, strained, or burnt out from all the screen time? You’re not alone. In today’s article, we’re diving into some simple yet effective self-acupressure techniques that can help ease that nagging eye strain. Let’s explore these natural remedies and learn how to…
Exercises for flat feet

Exercises For Flat Feet

Flat Feet: The Complete Exercise Guide to Strengthen and Relieve Pain Are your feet giving you a hard time with sore arches? We’re here to help! In this blog post, we’ll guide you through some simple exercises that can strengthen your foot arches and alleviate discomfort. Let’s dive into these…
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