Holistic Physiotherapy

What Is A Holistic Approach In Physiotherapy

What Is A Holistic Approach In Physiotherapy All the ingredients in the cake, on their own, have a particular flavour and purpose. When the ingredients are brought together in perfect harmony, a delicious result awaits. Holistic physiotherapy is the belief that optimal healing from an injury, addresses not only the…
Self Treatment Strategies

7 Effective Self Treatment Strategies To Ease Stiff Hands, Stiff Fingers

Being a physiotherapist means that we use our hands to help clients recover from their injuries. If we are not careful, we can develop stiff hands and stiff fingers over time. In our Burnaby physiotherapy practice, we often share some of our favorite self treatment strategies to help relieve stiff…
Injury Management

Injury Management: POLICE Your Injury, Not RICE!

Oh no, you stepped off a curb and tweaked your ankle. Or you have fallen down and landed on your elbow while snowboarding? You may have heard the common strategy for injury management by using the acronym RICE. Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation. At EastWest Physiotherapy Burnaby, we tell our…
Tennis Elbow

The Ultimate Guide To Managing Your Tennis Elbow At Home

Do you have pain on the outside of the elbow? Does it hurt with lifting up the wrist? Does it hurt lifting up that middle finger against a resistance? Does massaging the muscles on the outside of the elbow hurt like crazy? If you just tried those 3 tests described…

Why People Are Turning To Glucosamine For Their Knee Pain

Have you mentioned arthritis in your knee and multiple people have mentioned trying glucosamine? Many people are given prescription medications to decrease knee pain due to arthritis and are looking for alternatives with fewer side effects. Let’s take a deeper dive into what cartilage is, and how glucosamine can affect…
Mouse Shoulder

Experiencing Neck And Shoulder Pain At The Computer? You May Have Mouse Shoulder!

Experiencing Neck And Shoulder Pain At The Computer? You May Have Mouse Shoulder! When sitting at the computer, the common setup is to have the keyboard, then the mouse beside it.  Take a look at how the arm must reach forward and out to the side to control the mouse.…
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