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Muscle Twitching

6 Ways To Stop Your Muscle Twitching

Working as a physiotherapist in Burnaby for many years, I usually get a few people asking me every year about their muscle twitching. People are often concerned if it is something bad, or if there is another underlying issue causing the twitches. Muscle twitches are spontaneous, fine, and fast muscle…

Sternocleidomastoid and Tinnitus

Is This Trigger Point Causing Your Tinnitus? Have you had ringing or buzzing in the ear that hasn’t gone away? Have you already seen different doctors, specialists, had different tests done, yet still haven’t been able to figure out the ringing in the ear? There are different causes of tinnitus.…
Physiotherapy Sciatica Treatments

Physiotherapy Treatments For Sciatica

Today, it feels like everything has changed—it’s either been closed, postponed, or canceled. Some states have officially shut down. You’re working from home, while watching your kids (and trying to teach them). You haven’t seen or hugged your loved ones in weeks. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit.…
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