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Knee Osteo-arthritis

Exercises for Knee Osteo-arthritis

Science-based Exercises for Knee Osteo-arthritis – For Beginners Are you diagnosed with Knee osteo-arthritis or worried about developing knee osteo-arthritis?  A lot of our patients share this concern so this article and video is developed to help prevent or reduce the symptoms of knee osteo-arthritis. It is a beginner exercise…
Acupuncture for KNEE PAIN

Needle Free Acupuncture for KNEE PAIN

Needle-free Acupuncture for KNEE PAIN – Using TENS (Self-Treatment) In this video, I will show you some knee acupuncture points that can help with your knee pain. Without the use of needles, you can use a TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) device and place the electrodes on these acupuncture points…
Stress And Pain


PAIN, PAIN, PAIN, PAIN, PAIN…CAN STRESS INCREASE YOUR PAIN LEVELS? The short answer is, YES! Stress is related to muscle pain! Stress can do many things to your body. For your muscle system, it means increasing your resting muscle tone, and holding your body in positions that tighten your muscles.…
Retro Orbital Headache

Retro-orbital Headache

Relieve Behind the Eye Headaches using this point I RETRO ORBITAL HEADACHES In our Burnaby Physiotherapy practice, we regularly treat those suffering from headaches. Headaches can be caused by many different factors, from dehydration and caffeine intake, to referred pains caused by head, neck and shoulder tightness. Some headaches may…
Clicking Knees

Fix Your Clicking Knees

What Is A Holistic Approach In Physiotherapy Feeling creaky in the knees? Feeling the cracks and pops when you bend and straighten your knees? Or, you are going downstairs and your knees are painfully clicking with every step. Don’t fret, we will look at some of the common causes of…
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